Saturday, 13 April 2013

Roineabhal's Platter & Dessert

If you are wishing to stay in for a cosy evening after a long walk over the is a tasty option. Although we no longer offer dinner at Roineabhal, what we can do is provide a sumptuous luxury platter of local produce, along with fresh seasonal salads and homemade preserves. One of Maria’s delicious desserts can also be included. (Please don’t forget to order a platter when booking your room or at least a few days before arrival. Living as remotely as we do - we need to make sure we have everything in stock for this tasty multi-layered dish!) 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring! Its Official

Spring. It's official but certainly doesn't feel like it. The sun is shining and the conditions for rambling are fantastic due to the continued dry weather but its still so cold.
There is very little colour yet in the garden but plenty of promising buds. The cattle and sheep are managing to reproduce although there is little grass to produce the mothers milk. It will be costing the farmer much more on feed this year.
 We had a few visitors staying over Easter weekend but it remains quiet again until this weekend.My two workaways are here at Roineabhal to give me a hand. Cupboards are being cleaned and tidied ready for the season and we are planning to
dig and plant the potatoes in their furrows this afternoon. If you hear of 3 females dressed like Eskimo Inuk gardening in Kilchrenan you will know who it is.