Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Bergerac Jazz Orchestra

We were very privileged to host the Bergerac Jazz Orchestra from the Dordogne  area of France earlier this month.
Ally an old girlfriend of ours phoned in January to say that she was planning a trip for the band and could we put them up for a night in June. Since losing her husband 10 years ago she is now in a new found relationship in France with Francis a talented saxophonist in the band. She was  planning a tour of  The Highlands and Islands and apart from playing in Applecross and Mallaig they would be visiting most of the Islay Whisky Distilleries too.
I jumped at the chance to ask them if they could play at the village hall where the annual fund raising barbecue was scheduled to take place and voila on the 7th June we had a most entertaining afternoon in our sleepy village of Kilchrenan.
It was the first time for most of the band members to set foot out of France and to travel over the channel. Hopefully their tour was an impressionable one.
I know it will remain in our  memories for a very long time.