Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Lost Valley in Glencoe.

We are lucky to be situated in such an amazingly beautiful part of the world and to have access to get to many interesting and exciting places.

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At least once a year Roger and I venture into the Lost Valley in Glencoe . A one and a half hour climb beside The Three Sisters in Glencoe. It's not a long walk or extremely high but it always fails to disappoint.

Last November we managed to introduce our friends from a small hamlet named Les Pouey near Tarbes in the South West of France to the trek . Coincidently there is also a similar ( Lost Valley) Valle Perdu in The Pyrenees situated  near Gavernie close to their home.

Apart from it's beauty it is the legend too which gives it this Shangri-la feeling. It was a famous refuge for  the survivors and their cattle of the notorious Glencoe Massacre.

If you do decide to venture there do make sure you wear some good waterproof climbing boots, apart from having to scramble a little you have to ford the burn near to the top


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