Thursday, 10 July 2014

Our Enviromental Policy

At Roineabhal we value that our clients choose to be here for the stunning surrounding countryside and wildlife, as well as the local fare.  We therefore attempt to run our business in an environmentally friendly manner.
Firstly, the produce for our delicious – and award winning! – breakfasts, shortbread and platters are 80% locally sourced including fruit, herbs and vegetables from our own garden.
We make our own savoury and sweet jams, pickles and pestos etc.
Our jam jars are recycled and reused for new batches of preserves.
We source local produce and Fair Trade, wherever and whenever we can.  We encourage guests to do the same.
Freeze surplus fruit and veg.
We welcome our swallows, heron, squirrels, roe deer, occasional otters and woodpeckers, and encourage as many other wildlife into the garden as we can. We provide bird feeders alongside many fruited shrubs including holly, cotoneaster, and rowan berries. We have cultivated different areas in our 1 ½ acre garden to incorporate a wild meadow area behind the vegetable garden, a pond and marshy area at the bottom of our front lawn, as well as have a river beside the house and hardwood trees lining our drive.
Bird books and Binoculars are supplied for those keen on spotting our latest ‘visitors’.
We provide walking and cycling information, with covered verandas for cycle storage.
Roger has been a committee member of Loch Awe Improvement Association for many years which works tirelessly to keep Loch Awe well stocked with fish and litter free.
We provide glass bottles with filtered water on our hospitality trays, as well as small kettles for making tea and coffee reducing the amount of electricity used.
We try to recycle all glass, metal, cans, plastic, paper, batteries and print cartridges.
Compostable household waste goes into the large compost bins along with the leaves, and our grass cuttings in the compost tumbler.
All our cleaning products are eco-friendly, including washing up and laundry liquid.
We use micro-fibre cloths along with recycled rags.
We closely monitor our oil, gas and electricity, and use low energy light bulbs.
Roger services the boilers regularly along with all our other white goods and garden equipment.
We use internet based marketing - we print no marketing literature.
As most of our business is via internet and return visitors, we are able to e-mail the majority of our guest with booking, confirmations and directions.
Paper for the printer is from sustainably managed resources or recycled.
Working in a more sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint, minimising our impact on the environment and encouraging our guests to do the same, does not mean we compromise on the comfort or the 4 Star Quality which we offer everyone at Roineabhal.
Please remember we have a responsibility to look after the environment for the future generations. Help us to help you to help our environment. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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